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Meeting of Associations of Evrytania in Agrafa 2008 (08/08/2008)

Our President Panagiotis Vlasopoulos on the Meeting of Associations of Evrytania

On our way back to Paparousi, we met Kostas Panourias (uncle of Antonis Balatsias

Cultural show in Paparousi 2008 (16/08/2008)

Panagiotis Vlasopoulos and Stefanos Souldatos place advertising signs for our cultural show

Panagiotis Vlasopoulos and Eleni Dana place advertising signs for our cultural show (behind the camera)

Signs were placed in Karpenisi and other large towns and villages of Evrytania

P. Vlasopoulos, M. Paziou (Cultural President of Karpenisi) with her family

P. Vlasopoulos with reporters from Karpenisi

P. Vlasopoulos, Ntinos Bompotsiaris (member of the Municipal Council of Karpenisi)

Stefanos Souldatos sings traditional songs

Dancing zeimpekikos

Dancing tsamikos

Dancing kalamatianos

Dancing tsamikos

Dancing tsamikos

Dancing tsamikos

Dancing tsamikos

Dancing tsamikos

Dancing tsamikos

Dancing tsamikos

Dancing karsilamas

Dancing karsilamas

Dancing zeimpekikos

Dancing Cretan maleviziotis

Dancing Hasaposervikos

"Rubbing pepper"

"Rubbing pepper" with their

"Rubbing pepper" with their noses

"Rubbing pepper"

Dancing tsamikos

Dancing tsamikos

Dancing tsamikos

The volunteers Aggeliki Vlasopoulou, S.Vlasopoulou and Stefanos Souldatos

The grandchildren of Giannis Dimopoulos (Germanos), volunteers of the show

The volunteers Vasilis (grandchild of Giannis Dimopoulos, Aggeliki Vlasopoulou and Stefanos Souldatos

Fotini Dana, Kimon Papadopoulos, Giannis Papadopoulos, Vasilis Kalyvas

George Papadopoulos, Foteini Dana, Kimon Papadopoulos, Giannis Papadopoulos

Spyros Kalyvas, Elli Kalyva and her husband

Magdalini Kalyva, George Kalyvas

Spyridoula Kalyva, Aliki and Argyris Kalyvas

Spyridoula Kalyva, Christos Theodorou, Maria Kalyva

Haralampis' family

Giannoula and George Katergaris, Athanasia Gorogia

Nikos Papoulias, Giannis Theodorou, Kostas, Vagelis Gorogias

Anna Katergari and her husband

Miltos Souldatos and Aleksandra Krasaki, with their daughter Nafsika, friends of the association

Friends of the Association from Kalesmeno

Youths of the village

Giannis Gratsiounis (vice president) discussing with George Katergari

Katergaris' family

Voula Kokoroni and Magdalini Kalyva

George Mandragonis and friends

Youlas' family

Friends of the Association

Spyros and Eleni Kalyva

Panagiotis Zarkadas with his daughter Eleni Giannopoulou

George Katergaris, Nikos Hatzopoulos (engineer in Karpenisi) and his wife

Nikos Gratsiounis, Spyridoula Gratsiouni and her son

Katergaris' family

Eleni Dana with her daughter Aggeliki Vlasopoulou

Friends of the Association from Karpenisi



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