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Photo archive of Ziakas' family (Zakos)

Family history: Fotini Liakou, from West Paparousi married Dimitris Ziakas from village Neraida. They had only one son, Lampros, born in 1894. After Dimitris Ziakas died, Fotini Liakou returned to Paparousi, where she lived for the rest of her life. Her son Lampros went to the US on January 4th 1911, and stayed with his uncle Dimitris Ziakas. Three more people from Paparousi travelled on the boat Patris with him: his uncle Serafim Katergaris, the brother-in-law of the latter Serafim Anastasis, and Haralampos Anastasopoulos. Lampros Ziakas moved to North Carolina in the 30's and was in the restaurant business. He visited Paparousi in the '30s to see his mother for the last time. Older people from the village remember him playing the violin. He had three children, Tina, Barbara and Jimmy who live in North Carolina.

Fotini Liakou had 3 brothers, Panos, Antonis and Mitros, and one sister, Giannoula. Giannoula was married to Serafim Katergaris and had four children, Dimosthenis, Spyros, Eleni and Fotini. Antonis and Mitros never got married. Panos had 3 daughters, Eleni Zarkada, Anastasia Vlachou, and one that we don't know her name. The latter had a son who know lives in Flushing, Giorgos Kokoronis. He is over 90 years old. Anastasia was married to Nestoras Vlachos. Magdalini Kalyva is one of their daughters. A granddaughter of Eleni Zarkada, Eleni Giannopoulou, lives in Karpenisi.

Lampros Ziakas

Lampros Ziakas

Lampros Ziakas

Lampros Ziakas

Lampros Ziakas

Lampros Ziakas

Evaggelos Pasiakos (cousin of Lampros Ziakas)

[poem] Accept a body without a soul, and a corps without blood, accept my photo, in order to remember me. It is a shadow that does not talk, it is a body that does not move, it is my photo, for you not to forget me. And I would also like you to send me your photo. Your cousin Evaggelos Athanasios Passiakos, Policeman of Harioupolis, East Thrace

In front of the Priest's House: Larry Chason (husband of Tina), Christy Chason (daughter of Tina), Jimmy Zakos (son of Lampros Ziakas), Tina Chason (daughter of Lampros Ziakas)

Larry Chason (husband of Tina), Tina Chason (daughter of Lampros Ziakas), Giorgos Mandragonis, Jimmy Zakos (son of Lampros Ziakas), Christy Chason (daughter of Tina)

Akrivoula Aleksopoulou, Tina Chason (daughter of Lampros Ziakas), Fotini Dana

Tina Chason (daughter of Lampros Ziakas), Aggeliki Vlasopoulou, Jimmy Zakos (son of Lampros Ziakas), Christy Chason (daughter of Tina), Stefanos Souldatos, Larry Chason (husband of Tina)

Larry (husband of Tina) and Tina Chason (daughter of Lampros Ziakas)

Jimmy Zakos in Scotland (son of Lampros Ziakas)

Barbara Zakos (daughter of Lampros Ziakas), Tina Chason (daughter of Lampros Ziakas), Christy Chason (daughter of Tina)

Larry Chason (husband of Tina), Peggy Zakos (wife of Jimmy), Tina Chason (daughter of Lampros Ziakas), Jimmy Zakos (son of Lampros Ziakas), Barbara Zakos (daughter of Lampros Ziakas)


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